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We think that..
”The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.
This quote about travel, attributed to Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430), was written on my grandfathers pewter matchbox, and is the foundation of our travelogue.
We are very curious and find it challenging to seek new adventures from the seat of a kayak. The kayak is the “Wanderer” of the sea, and at leisurely pace, gives you time to gather impressions which in turn will encourage some of the 90.000 paddlers in Denmark to do the same.
We have been paddling for some 15 years and have the previous 13 years been writing articles to different Kayak-magazines.
We are most likely the Danish sea kayakers who have been kayaking in most countries all over the World from Vancouver to New Zealand.

We see the purpose of writing travelogues to tell about exciting places which gives you adventure and infatuation. You don´t have to travel far to get great adventures, and Mark Twain is quoted to say that “Not all of us can travel the whole globe, but just making travel a priority- even to a new place a days drive away- can be eye-opening”.
In order to write articles from exciting places, we contact locally based cooperation partners who will act as sponsor for a part of the project. Their services are very important for a diverse and varied article which makes people act..

Danish Kayak Press Associates is a member of Danish Travel Writers´ Association (Danske Rejsejournalister). The members of the association are journalists and writers who record travelling for the internet, for printed media or for television.

– Stefan Hammerich